As a premier supplier of high-precision machine and innovative equipment, Sohacki Industries continuously expands its fleet of products and services to deliver superior quality to our clients. Initially, we have commenced our operations with emphasis on Tool & Die business. Through the years we have appreciated the opportunities that have opened up for us and taken advantage of such to expand our operations. With such, we have expanded our core operations and we are now also handling custom machining and machine repairing and rebuilding, among other services. Year after year we keep on offering new services, making us capable of keeping up with the changing demands of our loyal clients or of the whole market.

Given our extensive experience as a high precision machine shop, we can provide you with the guarantee on how we can produce outputs that are made in accordance to the fit, form and function that is anticipated. We are also ISO 9001 and AS9100 registered, which shows our commitment towards high-quality management systems and which makes us capable of handling requirements of the aerospace industry, such as for aircraft, helicopters, missiles, rockets, and spacecraft. We currently serve varied clients, including the Department of Defense with our ITAR and SAM registration (CAGE code 78E10) and those who are in need of state-of-the-art medical devices, among others.

What We Do

  • CNC Machining: Through CNC lathe and CNC milling, we have numerically controlled machines that are capable of manufacturing the products you need through a precise method to guarantee the quality of the output.
  • Testing of Design Parts: We are also capable of testing not only the final product, but each individual design part through CMM measurement or CMM vision measurement, which will ensure the physical geometry of the product.
  • Laser Etching: With the use of a revolutionary fiber laser machine, we are also capable of delivering surfacing techniques in different materials, such as stainless steel, aluminum, plastic, tungsten, bronze, brass, copper, and cast iron, among others.
  • Fabrication: Usually done on metal, refers to building new structures through different processes, including bending, cutting, welding, and assembly.
  • Stamping: Known as pressing, this service applies extreme pressure on the surface of the material used in order to achieve the desired shape.
  • Equipment Repair and Rebuilding: We are also capable of helping clients who need their machines to be repaired or rebuilt to restore their manufacturing functionalities.
  • Reverse Engineering: Through this comprehensive process of analysis, we will help in identifying how to manufacture a product with similar quality as the subject.

These are just some of the services we can provide. As a company with emphasis on a quality management system and utilizing the latest technologies, we guarantee the provision of excellent customer service and focus on your needs and requirements.

  • Food processing hydraulic material handler

  • Food processing mechanical material handler

  • Food processing walking beam transfers

  • Aerospace assembly / dispensing machine

  • Aerospace assembly / dispensing machine

  • Medical packaging machine

  • CNC machined products

  • Manually machined plastic products

  • Stamped metal products

  • Aerospace drill fixture

  • CNC machined / anodized gear

  • CNC machined part in stainless steel

  • CNC machined part in PEEK plastic

  • CNC machined part in stainless steel

  • CNC machined / anodized part

  • CNC machined part in stainless steel

  • CNC machined part in aluminum

  • CNC machined part in stainless steel

  • CNC machined / Teflon coated part

  • CNC machined assembly in Ultem and stainless steel

  • CNC machined part in aluminum

  • CNC machined assembly in aluminum and PEEK

  • Manually machined part in stainless steel

  • Manually machined part in Delrin

  • Progressive stamped strip in stainless steel

  • Stamped part in galvanized steel